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Welcome to Living Sent Ministries (LSM) Nashville. Let us encourage you to attend an upcoming monthly inspirational meeting at Trevecca Nazarene University's Boone Business school. You will soon find notices about the upcoming meetings on this web site page or on the web site home page. In addition, please consider participating in a Christian Executives Group (CEG) or Christian Women's Group (CWG). CEGs/CWGs, leadership-focused Bible application teams, are operating throughout  middle Tennessee communities. They help leaders unpack what it means to live sent vocationally and foster the creation of Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) for one’s organization.

Should you have questions about the upcoming monthly inspirational meetings or about any other LSM activities, please feel free to contact us.  We are ready to serve you.


John Mickner                                                               Nelson Boren

Ministry Team Member                                             Ministry Team Member

Owner, Universal Health Advisors                            Owner, Fitness 1440 

Cell: 231-920-2366                                                     Cell: 615-477-5979

Email: john@universalhealthadvisors.com             Email: nmbboren@gmail.com 

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May The Work of our Hands Be Pleasing in Your Sight



During the past six months of 2017, the Living Sent Ministries Board of Directors set very bold 24 month goals. These God-size initiatives include growing our city locations from 6 to 16, the creation of 150 business/organization Ministry Action Plans (MAPs), increasing our small groups or CEGs and CWGs from 6 to 21, dramatically increasing our human and financial resources and fostering at least one city transformation strategy.   

A 2018 Prayer:  

Lord,  may the work of our hands be pleasing in your sight. Lord, may the work we pursue this year bring honor and glory to you and help build your Kingdom on earth.  Lord, may your Holy Spirit keep us on the right path and help us to impact the workplace and marketplace for your glory. Finally Lord, continually empower us to transform lives, businesses/organizations and cities beyond Sunday. Amen.    

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An Example of Why Living Sent Ministries Matters

Jimmy Johnston

An Example of Why Living Sent Ministries Matters: Jerry, Early this morning I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go to a 6:45AM meeting and then I remembered it was Living Sent. I thought I really like Living Sent and it is a great way to start a day and week. Today’s meeting was uplifting, heartwarming, and a true spiritual lift ( as always). Thank you my friend for this ministry. It helps me to be a better but imperfect servant leader. Thank you for your friendship and kind...

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Community Contact(s)

John Mickner

Ministry Team Co-leader - Owner, Universal Health Advisors


E-mail: john@universalhealthadvisors.com

Bryan Pennington

CEG Leader


E-mail: Pennington.bryan@Pennmutual.com

Nelson Boren

Ministry Team Co-Leader


E-mail: nmbboren@gmail.com

John Mickner

Ministry Team Co-Leader


E-mail: john@universalhealthadvisors.com

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