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Maria's Story

Maria's Story


Bring Living Sent to Your Location

Do you sense The Holy Spirit tugging at your heart to take action in your business, job, or chosen profession? Do you feel a fresh wind blowing throughout your business, organization, church, or the community? Then let's "Set the Sails" and be ready for God to do a mighty work. Here are nine ways to "Get Connected" or to "Set The Sails" through Living Sent Ministries:


1. Monthly Inspirational Meetings.

Join us for a breakfast or lunch at an upcoming monthly inspirational meeting. Our prayer is that we will encourage and inspire you to live out your Christian faith at your business, job, or your chosen profession. Do you want to start monthly inspirational meetings in your city? See the calendar tab on the web site home page for details on exisitng meeting locations or complete the form below for other meeting location inquiries. 

2. Christian Executives Groups (CEGs) for Men and Women.

Are you a business owner, the head of a government organization, educational institution, non profit entity, or a senior staff person? If yes, then participation in a CEG could be the most important decision you make this year. Please read on......

It is a challenge and a blessing to serve and lead an organization in today's world. It can be tough, lonely, and rewarding all at the same time. Our Christian Executives Groups (CEGs) are a rare resource that can provide you with encouragement, a sounding board, and accountability. A CEG can help you grow in your faith, learn and apply Christian principles within your organization, and help you to unpack what it means to live sent at work.   To learn more, please complete the form below.  

3. A Ministry Action Plan (MAP) for your business/organization.

Are you ready to create or update a Ministry Action Plan (MAP) for your business or organization? Do you have a passion to do more with your business or organization to help build God's Kingdom? Please complete the form below and let's begin that journey right away!

4. Share a "God Story" or "How To Application Example."

Has God done something extraordinary in your life or in the life of someone else? Care  to share that God Story at one of our monthly inspirational meetings? God Stories are demonstrations that He is real and active in our lives. Let's tell all the God Stories that we can!  Please complete the form below.

Have you been applying Christian principles within your organization and/or using your company as missions locally or internationally? Care to share that application example? Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.  

5. Serve on our Pastors Council.

Join other Pastors as we pray for The Holy Spirit to bring revival to our community. Explore together the different ways we can incorporate  "work as missions" into your church. Reach lost people in the marketplace. Help connect Living Sent Ministries programs to your business and professional people. Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.    

6. Provide a "Legal Dos and Don'ts" Seminar on "Faith at Work" for Your Business or Church or Just Learn More for Yourself..

Do you want to do more with your faith at work but are unsure of what you can do? We can help answer that question whether you are a business owner, government leader, non profit executive, or employee. Due to the support and resources provided by the Christian Law Association, we stand ready to assist you. Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as quickly as possible.  

7. Hold a Workshop for Your Business on Living Sent Principles

Care to hold a one day or four session workshop on the application of living sent principles for your business team? The Workshop can be focused on senior team members or regular employees or both. Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.  

8. Conduct a Workshop for Your Church on Living Sent Principles

Do you wish to inspire and equip your congregation to reach lost people at work? Would you like to share the application of living sent principles with the business and professional members of your church? Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.   

9. Design and Implement a Christ-centered Corporate Social Responsibility Program for Your Company/Organization.

Do you want to make a difference in the community on behalf of your business and for the Kingdom of God? Would you like to motivate your staff team and build a further sense of teamwork and purpose? Please complete the form below and we will respond back to you as soon as possible.

How to Live Sent

According to Dr. Amy Sherman, there are at least 4 ways to Live Sent:

1. Bloom where you are planted.

Care to help build the Kingdom right where God has you assigned in the marketplace?

2. Start something new.

Do you have a passion for addressing an unmet community need? Consider forming  either a for profit or nonprofit company and start something new.

3. Give your skills (vocational) away to a community ministry.

Is there a community ministry that could benefit from your vocational skills and talents?

4. A Church Big Vision for the City.

Does your church have a Big Vision for the City? Do you have one and want to encourage your church to consider helping you to develop it?

Living Sent Ministries Growth Track

1. Attraction: Become inspired to live out your Christian faith at work

Register and attend one of our monthly inspirational meetings and events.

2. Incarnation: Learn how to serve and lead like the greatest leader to ever walk the earth

Contact us about serving in a Christian Executives Group (CEG) and/or a church "Men or Women at Work" teaching and equipping class.


3. Mission: Do one more thing vocationally to advance the cause of Christ

Contact us for information on how to prepare and implement a Ministry Action Plan (MAP).

4. Transformation: Transform your heart, the organization you serve, and the community around you

Let us know if you wish to learn more about spiritual transformation.

Jerry's Message

The purpose of Living Sent Ministries is to inspire and equip business and professional leaders to live out their Christian faith. It is about "Connecting Sunday to Monday". A core principle of Living Sent Ministries is that God gave you your business or job (vocation) to build the Kingdom.

Invest in the Kingdom

Colossians 3:17, NIV: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

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