Dr. Kurt & Linda Nichol

Dr. Kurt Nichol is founder, CEO and President of APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. in Spring Hill, TN. APEX Turbine provides testing products and solutions to the turbomachinery industry including civilian and military propulsion systems and power generation OEMs worldwide. Early in the company’s history, Kurt grappled with how a turbomachinery testing company could have any eternal consequence and what purpose God could possibly have in such an endeavor. He often questioned this vocation instead wanting to become more engaged in the activities of the church. Yet despite ongoing request to God to allow him to exit the company and work in vocational ministry, God repeatedly said no and continued to bless APEX. Clearly God had a purpose in the company.

About this same time, Kurt met up with Jerry Moll at what was known as the CEO fellowship and God began to formulate a purpose for his marketplace calling. Sometimes a businessman can bring the gospel places a missionary or pastor cannot. For Kurt, APEX took on eternal consequence. In 2012, Kurt worked with Jerry as he laid the foundation for Living Sent Ministries and then served as their first Board Chairman. He has continued to live-out the concepts of Living Sent Ministries to this day and has had opportunity to not only minister to his employees and customers in the US, but to share the gospel in China, Korea, Japan, and through much of Europe. He serves in a variety of roles at Oak Valley Baptist Church and remains the President and CEO of APEX Turbine. Kurt lives in Franklin, TN with his wife, Linda. They have three grown children.

Company: APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc.

Tel: 931-486-0081  

Email: kurt.nichol@apexturbine.com

Website: https://apexturbine.com/


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