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Eddie Poole: Speaking Life at Work

Living for Christ is important to me and I believe that if we’re following Christ, His impact on our lives should be evident in our family, our church, and in our vocations.  God hasn’t called us to live for him only on Sunday.

Colossians 3:17 says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” 

I spent years trying to walk the balance in various work environments.  I’ve always sought to serve Christ and do the best job that I could do at work.  Especially when I was employed by secular workplaces, I always felt like I had to walk a balance of respecting my employer with performing the best I could, versus sharing Christ whenever I could.  

When I started my own business as a Realtor, I realized that I could go even further in impacting lives for Christ.  I began randomly sharing with clients, praying with them, and serving them as if I were serving Christ with every house that I sold and every person that I met through the process.

Living Sent has been instrumental in helping me turn my “randomly sharing Christ” into a more solid plan.  Jerry challenged me to write a “Ministry Action Plan” for my business.  Even though I had dedicated my business to Christ when I started it, this seemed like a great idea.  After all, if each business should have a business plan, it seems pretty normal for a business dedicated to Christ to have a “Ministry Plan.”

I decided to look for Scriptures that reflected what I felt were important for me and my business.  I also took the next step and asked MYSELF, “Eddie, describe what YOU would look like if you were following Christ in every area of your business.”  From that question, I developed my “Manifesto” part of my plan.

The Manifesto that I wrote is really written just for me. It describes who I want to be.  I try to read it every day to myself to remind myself of who I am called to be.  

One of our enemy’s greatest weapons against us is to get us distracted.  He wants us to forget who we are and who we are called to be.  

My Manifesto reminds me every day that I have a greater purpose in life than to just live for the next day and arrive safely at death.  I’m on a mission and my business is a big part of that mission.

God has led me to write a book called, “Speaking Life in a Messed-Up World.”  I’ve dedicated chapter 17 of the book to “Speaking Life at Work.”  In that chapter, I talk about how I live for Christ at work.  It’s filled with scripture, how God has used me at work, and my Ministry Action Plan is also included.  

My hope is that the book will encourage others to “Speak Life” to those around them at home, work, or wherever they go.

The book should be available soon but if you’d like to take a look at the website, go to  

I’m very thankful for Living Sent Ministries and the mission of helping business people “Connect Sunday to Monday.”  I appreciate the help and encouragement that Living Sent has given me as I try to do just that.

I’ve come to realize, as the end of my Manifesto declares, that “I go by the name of Eddie but I am a warrior for Christ, disguised as the best real estate agent I can be because everything I do, I do for His glory.”

Eddie Poole
Keller Williams Realty-Mt Juliet

“Oh, by the way, I really appreciate your referrals!”

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