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Bill Hubbard: CEG Curriculum Benefits a Franklin, TN Church

Several years ago, the Franklin Christian Executives Group (CEGs are small groups) decided to read and discuss a relatively new book by Dr. Michael Youssef that was published in 2013.  It was titled The Leadership Style of Jesus.  Its sub-title was even more descriptive, How to Make A Lasting Impact.”  As a former Army officer who led soldiers at every level up to the division level, I was genuinely looking forward to reading Youssef’s book on leadership.  Suffice it to say, I was not disappointed.

Our CEG decided that the best person to lead our discussions was Richard Perko, the President of the Lee Company and our monthly host for our CEG meetings. He was a natural fit as he led a large company and he imparted his knowledge and experience in leading it as his company was undergoing significant change and a pending transition to a new modern location south of Franklin.  Richard prepared “read ahead” prior to each meeting which kept the group focused and engaged throughout the period of the monthly meetings.  Frequently, while we were discussing Jesus’ leadership techniques in our monthly meetings, it prompted a comparison with contemporary leadership principles and techniques in business and the U.S. military.  It was quite remarkable to see the obvious overlap even after centuries had elapsed.

During that timeframe, I was the president of our very large Sunday School class at Franklin First Methodist.  Our class membership was largely retired individuals and consisted of many former business leaders to include several CEOs, retired military officers, multiple school headmasters and several pastors.  Two years later, I thought that Youssef’s book would make an excellent future course of instruction in our class curriculum.  Our curriculum committee and our pastor that oversaw adult education agreed and we incorporated plans to teach it when we had an opening which turned out to be the following year.

We broke the book down into seven teaching segments.  Two other men assisted me in the instruction over a two-month period.  It was well received by the class and generated a lot of discussion both in class and out of class, even on the golf course.  The book is an excellent read and is highly recommended for not only Sunday School classes but also for Bible study groups, businesses and many other types of organizations.

Col Bill Hubbard (retired) 
Franklin, TN

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