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Garrett Dickerson: MAPs, A Way to Connect Sunday to Monday

I believe strongly in the concept of written goals. The likelihood of committing to an action and completing it greatly increases when you write it down. It increases that much more when you share that written commitment with someone else. This is a common practice with all kinds of personal goals. My organization helps individuals, people, businesses, churches, and non-profits do this with the resources they have been called to steward. Why wouldn’t we do the same with the actions we live out for the Kingdom?

The Ministry Action Plan (MAP) is your tangible commitment to Christ. It is being thoughtful, heartfelt, and intentional with moving what you know in your heart and mind to living it out in your life. In the second chapter of the Book of James, James writes, “Faith without works is dead.” I believe we are only hearers of the Word and not doers if we are not living out our faith in all areas of our lives. With Living Sent, living out our faith comes through making commitments for how we can ‘Connect Sunday to Monday’ in our professional walks. Heavy or light commitments to action doesn’t matter. We have so much opportunity with even the seemingly smallest action to show others how Christ lived and loved.

Garrett D. Dickerson, CLTC®, FIC, M.Ed.
Market Director
South Central Advisor Group
AR License 17923669

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