Dick Wells

An Aerospace Engineering degree from Georgia Tech launched Dick on a 35-year business career with multiple leadership assignments that included VP positions in Project Management, Contracts, Marketing, Procurement, and Finance. Dick served as President and CEO of The Aerostructures Corporation for five years, leading the change from a division of Textron to a stand-alone corporation with operations in three states, 2000+ employees and $300 million in sales. A two-year stint as President of a large commercial shipyard was followed by serving for six years as the Executive Pastor of a large church (5000+ members) in Franklin, Tennessee.

Living with his wife, Dottie, in Franklin, Tennessee, Dick’s time and energy are fully focused on Hard Lessons Company, serving his church, and enjoying his family – especially his four grandsons (ask to see the pictures!).

A note from Dick:

“In 40+ years, I have experienced a lot and seen a lot in all kinds of organizations. I remember what it was like to be an entry-level engineer who thought he knew it all. And… I remember the incredible pressure of being a CEO who knew he didn’t know enough. I have been fortunate to experience great success, but I have also experienced the trauma of being replaced. Both success and failure have been great teachers. “Hard Lessons is born out of my desire to share these experiences with those who are engaged in the always difficult task of leading their organizations. I am certain that a Hard Lessons workshop will be a memorable and beneficial event for your organization. I would be honored to share these Hard Lessons with you.”

Company: The Hard Lessons Company

Phone: 615-519-3765

Email: dickwells@hard-lessons.com

Website: https://hard-lessons.com/

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