Our Purpose

The purpose of Living Sent Ministries is to inspire and equip business and professional leaders at all levels to live out their Christian faith. It is about “Connecting Sunday to Monday”. A core principle of Living Sent Ministries is that God gave you your business or job (vocation) to build the Kingdom.

How to Live Sent

Bloom where you are planted.

Care to help build the Kingdom right where God has you assigned in the marketplace?

Start something new.

Do you have a passion for addressing an unmet community need? Consider forming either a for profit or nonprofit company and start something new.

Give your skills (vocational) away to a community ministry.

Is there a community ministry that could benefit from your vocational skills and talents?

A Church Big Vision for the City.

Does your church have a Big Vision for the City? Do you have one and want to encourage your church to consider helping you to develop it?

Learn how to serve and lead in your workplace and Connect Sunday to Monday.

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