Steven Solomon

Steven is a former Army counterintelligence agent with multiple deployments in the Middle East. He’s a former conservative radio host and current general manager of multiple radio stations. He has […]

Tommy Vallejos

Tommy Vallejos was born in the barrios of Roswell, New Mexico. He lost two brothers and a stepfather to gang violence on the streets that surrounded his young life. In […]

Senator Mark Pody

Senator Mark Pody has been married for 49 years and has 2 daughters and 12 grandchildren. He has lived in Wilson County for over 35 years. He is a Christian […]

Dr. Jeff Cockrell

Jeff Cockrell has served as a college professor and administrator for over 14 years as well as having served 30 years in pastoral ministry. Dr. Cockrell has authored numerous articles […]

Ray Render

Ray Render was born in Madison, Tennessee. His father, Dalton, worked at DuPont factory in Old Hickory and his mother, Pat, was a homemaker. He graduated from Madison High School […]

Dr. Jerry & Wanda Faulkner

Company: Erudite Leadership Tel: 423-903-3719 Email: Website:

Dr. Mike Shackleford

Term Ends: 2022 (3rd Term) Company: School Superintendent China Ministry Title: Immediate Past Chair of Hendersonville City Group Phone: 615-218-1815 Email:

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