Floors of Faith-Work Integration in an Living Sent Enterprise

What does success look like for a Living Sent Enterprise? First and foremost, faith and work are integrated. At the foundation level, the first piece of concrete is poured because a personal decision is made to follow Christ and honor God. As one works their way through and up the floors of the business, internal faith-based initiatives occur, a public expression of faith happens and the company becomes a beacon of light to the community and world. The Living Sent Enterprise has a plan, a Ministry Action Plan, and the Company is honoring God with a value system that is unwavering and a bold vision. Employees are moving towards Christ spiritually.


  • One Understands that the Business belongs to Christ and your Business/Job Is Ministry.

Ground Floor

  • One Honors God, Operates with Honesty, Integrity and Kindness.
  • There is personal Prayer, personal Bible Reading and personal Church Affiliations.

The Second Floor

  • Faith-based Small Groups meet in the Business (e.g., LSM CEGs/CWGs) *
  • There are Corporate Chaplaincies for Employees.

  • Employee Prayer Request Systems Exist.

  • Consultants Help with Faith Integration.

  • Employer and/or Employee Ministry Action Plans (MAPS) are Completed.

  • *Christian Executives Groups/Christian Women’s Groups are biblically based leadership focused small groups.

The Third Floor

  • One’s Christian Faith is Linked with Business Decision-making.
  • Christian Messages or Scripture are Displayed on Company Materials.

  • Faith-based Advertising and Marketing Decisions Occur.

  • Faith-based Organizations are Meeting at the Company.

  • Salvation Experiences are Happening at Work.

  • The Company Culture provides Faith-based Community Engagement.

The Fourth Floor

  • The Business is fulfilling its Purpose to honor God with a Value System that is Unwavering, and a Bold Vision.


  • The Culture from Top-to-Bottom exudes the Company’s Light for Christ.


  • Employees Develop, move towards Christ Spiritually, pursue Excellence in an Effort to honor God and the Company Prospers.
  • Employees are aligned with the Company’s Value System.

  • Internal and external Philanthropic Initiatives are a Part of the Company’s Culture.

  • Faith-based Businesses are Generated and/or Supported.

  • Leaders and aspiring Leaders are being Mentored to Operate at the Fourth Floor Level. 

  • The Reputation to honor God is Apparent.

  • The First Three Floors are Woven into the Fabric of the Business to Honor God.    

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